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What are considered the best restaurants in the UK?

The best UK restaurants
October 2013 saw the release of the Michelin Red Guide for 2014 which rates restaurants in terms of their overall appeal. Only four restaurants in the UK achieved the acclaimed three star rating. Two of these, The Fat Duck and Waterside are to be found in the Thames side town of Bray. The other two, Restaurant Gordon Ramsey Chelsea and Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester are both located in London.

The Fat Duck
Opened 18 years ago by Heston Blumenthal The Fat Duck has a legendary reputation. Based on the chef’s love of exploring the science of cooking the menu is one full of fun and flavour. Blumenthal has explored the idea of, “Molecular Gastronomy” and famous dishes include snail porridge and bacon and egg ice cream. The tasting menu costs £195 per person.

The Waterside
Founded by the celebrated Roux family over 40 years ago today the Waterside is led by Alain Roux the son of Michel Senior. As you may expect the cuisine is unashamedly French. Alain is famous like his father for his desserts. The tasting menu of six courses costs £153 per person.

Restaurant Gordon Ramsey Chelsea
Established in 1998 by the world renowned Gordon Ramsey the restaurant gained it’s three stars in 2001 and has held them ever since. The Chef Patron Clare Smith MBE is the only female chef to hold three stars in the UK. Her food is based on elegant modern French cuisine. The menu prestige costs £135 per person.

Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester
Situated in the heart of Mayfair this restaurant found within the Dorchester Hotel provides a menu inspired by Alain Ducasse, a chef with more honours than almost any other chef. Executive chef Jocelyn Herland creates contemporary French cuisine. The lunch time tasting menu of seven courses costs £120.

For those looking for restaurants in the UK outside of the south east of England should look no further than L’Eclume in Cartmel, Cumbria Which has been voted best UK restaurant of 2014 by the Good Food Guide. This two star Michelin restaurant is the work of chef Simon Rogan and features local and seasonal produce. The dinner menu is priced at £120 per person

Is debt a major reason why restaurants close?

Debt is certainly linked to the closure of many restaurants; however it may not necessarily be a major problem if money is managed well. Depending on the owner’s financial situation beforehand, he/she may need to take out a loan, and, if they are sensible in spending their loan, and not overspending it before their opening day, they are certainly on the right track to create a successful business.Debt

A crucial part of running a restaurant is understanding food prices. It is commonly known that seafood is more expensive than lamb, which is more expensive than chicken meat, so buying the right foods <strong>at the right quantity</strong> is a must. Many times have restaurants overspent, by buying too much food, only at the end of the week to not even cook that food, thus having to chuck it away, which creates more expense for the owner. Usually, the owner will give the head chef the resposibility to buy the food themselves, and there is a tendency for the owner not to see how much food is being bought, and more importantly what is being done if there is any excess food.

The owner must watch the cash flow of the restaurant, and make sure that there is some money to cover the big expenses. If the owner has a close eye on the checking account, debt should not necessarily be a problem, and the restaurant shouldn’t close, as long as they are turning a profit. The owner is the one who can create changes to finance to turn a profit.

A lot is based upon the location of the restaurant, and the service given by the staff. If the restaurant is located in a ‘hot spot’ and the service is good, and the food is also good, there is no reason why the restaurant shouldn’t be turning over profit.

If money is not managed well, debt is a major cause for restaurant closure.

If you are a restaurant owner who might be in debt, you might need to consider looking into consolidation loans. Sometimes known as loans for people with bad credit, these types of loans are ideal if you are looking to consolidate all over your outgoing repayments into one manageable amount.